28 February 2004


me, I, myself: dandlioneyes. not my real name. grad student at an east coast school in philadelphia, which not my favorite place in the world. twenty-something. married. living in germany right now for phd research. relatively happy. i have fits of giggles and panic. i like tea and coffee and food and warm weather and well, my dislikes are in my diary on a daily basis....

my sweetie: aka the hubby, aka darling, etc. my wonderful husband as of june 2003. we've been together 6 years. he commutes from california to germany to be with me. also a grad student, at a super duper university in the bay area that is not berkeley, our old alma matter (go bears!). he keeps me happy, stable, sane, safe, and makes my world go round. he means everything to me.

a friend: this could mean you. this could mean someone else, too. i tend to try and keep thing anonymous here, so it depends on the context. my friend in berlin could be two people. i stay with one, i visit the other and have brunch with her. the one i visit is the one pursuing a long-distance relationship with a guy she met on the internet. my old friend from kindergarten in germany means loewenzahn, who i am so glad to be rebuilding a strong frienship with. yay for frequent phone calls! i've known her the longest of all of my friends. my friend in goettingen means the one girl i have tea with, who is from slovakia. and the list continues.

eggsaucted: aka chica, aka museum girl, aka chicago girl (though there is another chicago girl, too, but she came to dland later). my first dland partner in crime whom i supposedly "dragged here screaming and kicking". look who posts several times a day, though! she's the mommy of the princess, a bundle of cuteness who screamed the first time she met me and my sweetie. we've known each other since *gasp* middle school!

saucy99: i stalked a certain young actor with saucy99 when we were juniors in highschool (i'm not naming names, but he stared prominently in batman and robin. and he wasn't batman. holy rusty metal, batman!). she was in my wedding. she is going to business school! she has lots and lots of incriminating info about me and i'm so glad she was in high school with me because she's the only thing that made it in any way bearable. MISTER CHECKERED SHIRT DUDE IS MINE!!!

michl: college dorm-mate, now an ex-pat living in the uk. an ex-pat with a phd, which makes me super proud and happy! loves canada more than anything in the world and now has her heart and soul in the uk because of a certain young chap....

there are others: parents, in-laws, etc., who make an occasional appearance, but that should be pretty obvious....

i probably mention other folks now and then but i can't think of anyone right now... i'll update this as needed. these are the usual suspects. carry on.

dandlioneyes at 12:58 pm

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