05 January 2003

california comin' home

in california, and damn i know who i don't like philly. i mean, come on. it is january and warm as anything, beautiful, people are friendly, there are ORANGES on trees, and the fog rolls over the bay.

yeah. that's why i like it here.

having massive panic attacks about *workschoolwedding* overload of too much to do. could use a beta blocker, more time, a vacation.

listening to this desert life, counting crows album that lives here in california, not with me in philly. love the album, they calm me down. i think i get their songs, you know. for some reason they really end up making a lot of sense to me.


some people don't like adam's voice, i find the scratchiness/whine soothing.


in any case, folks, hope all is well out in dland. i wish i could just relax, and breathe.


dandlioneyes at 3:16 pm

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